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The digital world, compassion fatigue and mental health

Many of us consider ourselves very fortunate to live in a time where so much is being done to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. From caring for the natural environment to reducing inequalities, there are many noble causes to care about at both the local and global level.

In today’s digital world, a lot of this information is shared through digital channels. Although digital communications have many pros, when people feel pulled in many directions by competing causes, it can feel overwhelming. Over time, some people experience compassion fatigue, which is characterized by a feeling of indifference towards social and environmental causes due to repetitive exposure of such appeals.

Combine digital overload, compassion fatigue and any difficulties taking place in an individual’s life, and it becomes easy to understand why many of us today feel like it can be challenging to invest in our own mental health, let alone other causes. A great place to start in supporting our own mental health can be talking with someone you have a positive relationship with, or seeking out a professional that aligns with your personal values.  Always remember that there are people out there who care.

Another way to invest in your own mental health is by discovering or reconnecting with your personal act of kindness. This starts by you giving yourself permission to disconnect from your digital devices and take a break from the busyness around you to connect with others in a way that feels meaningful to you. From regularly visiting a senior member of your family, to volunteering alongside your children at their school fundraisers, or giving a gift card to someone experiencing homelessness so that they can buy a coffee or warm meal, there are many ways we can share kindness with the people in our lives, or even a stranger, bringing us closer to the causes that speak to our hearts and our community.


About C.O.D

Celebrate Our Differences is a social venture supporting the development of workplaces and communities to co-create places of belonging. Providing organizational culture and community development consulting services, we work alongside organizations to address complex challenges through authentic inclusion approaches that enable people to participate more fully in the workplace and community.

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